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Dining Room Chairs

ChairPakmail, Roseville shipped six chairs to the East Coast in seven days. I saw an ad in the “Inside Lincoln” publication.  I called and gave a good estimate of the size and weight of the chairs and shortly after they gave me a great quote.  We agreed on a pick up date, they wrapped and packed them and the next day the chairs were enroute.  I received a tracking number and PakMail kept me abreast to the progress.  The chairs arrived in perfect condition.  Don and staff are true professionals and I couldn’t be happier.

Lincoln, California

Antique Louis XV Chaise

Antique ChaiseI recently had an amazing experience with Pak Mail Roseville and had to share it.  I purchased an antique Louis XV chaise and the shipper needed to get it safely from California to Iowa.  After much research, she found Pak Mail Roseville; they offered to put it in a special crate to ensure it would arrive safely.  Pak Mail even went so far as to notch out places for the 6 feet to keep it from moving in transit.  Louis XV ChaiseThen, the owner of the Pak Mail, who had previously transported such items and knows how they are moved by equipment, put extra padding on the item and encased it so incredibly, that the delivery man who has been doing his job for several years, had NEVER seen anything packed so well.  It arrived perfectly of course, and it is all because this Pak Mail goes above and beyond normal standards in order to deliver a perfect product.  They even sent pictures via email while preparing the item to ship.  Such customer service is unfortunately rare these days, and needs to be acknowledged!  


Diane N.